How We Work?


How We Work

A warehouse management system is a key part of the supply chain & primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse.

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Pack Up

The thought of pack up gives sleepless nights to many people. Now stop worrying about wrapping up of the belongings. As, we the Gwarehouse is here. We offer the best pack up service in the sector of GwarehouseMelbourne.

Some belongings are difficult to manage, especially when you have less time. Our executives visit you and wrap up things that require storage.

Gwarehouse is a premium storage company where we offer tea chest, picture box, and vacuum bags for packing. We also provide striped bags and single wrap up bags to keep your blankets and quilts protected.

We do store paintings and momentous. We use picture boxes and small cubic boxes to store these fragile goods. Books can be stored in the tea chest.

We store everything irrespective of its size. Safety of your belongings is our foremost priority. We use fragile tapes, ropes, and padlocks to pack all the listed belongings.

  • This helps in quick identification of things.
  • We use high-quality foam to cover furniture such as a couch, chairs, and sofas.
  • Use of high-quality foam helps to protect from moisture, dust and damage while moving.
Self-packing leaves few loopholes that cause damage. Our skilled staffers help you pack belongings in a safer way. The usage of tapes and padlocks ensures “non-moving” condition of the belongings.

Pick Up

Gwarehouse is a trusted brand in affordable storage Melbourne. Apart from suggesting storage facilities we send our nearest pick-up team to your home. Also, we provide receipts of receiving and shipment.
This allows the customer to track their shipment. We are located in Central Business District; that is Melbourne CBD, and it takes us few minutes to reach:

  • Tullamarine Airport 20 minutes
  • Princess Freeway 5 minutes
  • Eastern freeway 10 minutes
  • Hume Freeway 10 minutes
Pickup charges depend on the pick-up points. Those living in the nearby areas of our office need to pay less in comparison to those living in far off places.
Use our pre-book facility all through the year and avail extra discounts. This facility helps us serve you in a planned manner. We provide pre-booked customer with a list of things to do and not to do before 24 hours of the packing.
We have different pickup services for house storage and business storage. We are open 24 hours and seven days and. You can call us anytime for pick up. This reduces wastage of time. Pick up for home is easier than the business houses.
We made business pick-ups easy. Business houses look for pick up on holidays. Thus, we made ourself available round the clock. Also, we made storage packages that suit the budget and time of the business houses.
Business owners get extra perks on using our storage facility. We offer additional discounts on business storage. For smooth transporting of belongings you can use our forklift for free. Various belongings in the business premises require heavy machines to move. Forklift comes handy at that time. Our services helped us in achieving success in the competitive market of affordable storage Melbourne.
Families looking for cost-efficient storage facility are welcome here. Residential storages also enjoy benefits. Families planning relocation have huge belonging that requires storage. This can exceed your budget including transportation. We understand this and thus, offer free truck or a driver.
If your storage crosses the residential storage limit, then you are eligible for huge discount. Our storage garages are centrally located and are spacious enough to serve home and business storage at one time.


Gwarehouse provides containers made up of heavy steel. Some of these containers have selves that make space for small sized belongings.
In, house storage facility we use single and multi storage containers that help you live congestion free life. Huge furniture and less useable items can be stored with us. Also, we store:

  • Electric appliances
  • Gym equipment
  • Clothing
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Sports equipment
  • Books
  • Picture Box
  • Computers
  • Bicycle
  • Bedding and many other things
Pack up plays an important role in storage. Loose packing or unfinished packing causes damage. That’s why we use fragile tapes to identify the items.
We have proper storage racks to ensure safety of your belongings. We use white boxes and other equipment to store your belongings. Also, we have dedicated boxes to store fragile items.
Apart from storing books, tea chests are also used to store CDs, DVDs and other stuff.
Gwarehouse is the best storage option if you are going on a vacation. You won’t require paying extra money. Pay only for the time you have stored with us.
Storing with us if, you are planning to relocate. People often store old things which result in cluttering of the store room. Storage of belongings makes the place spacious. Storage also increases the shelf life of things and asks for less maintenance.
"We store business goods as well. Anything from documents to furniture or momentums we have dedicated space for everything. Business houses can pre-book the order and avail exciting discounts."

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