Ways to Reduce Heat in a Warehouse During Summer

Ways to Reduce Heat in a Warehouse During Summer

Whether you want a warehouse facility for business inventory or want to store your household belongings for a short period, choosing the right storage solution is crucial. Many renowned warehouse and storage service providers in Melbourne focus on offering high-quality, fully-functional and safe solutions to keep your items intact. They are committed to fulfilling the specific requirements of their customers and keep the prices low using proven methods. One of them is controlling team in a warehouse unit during summer. This will reduce the electricity bills and help you save your money.  According to these professionals, lighting and temperature control systems consume more than 70 per cent of energy- which is huge. With simple tips and tricks, you can save your money and increase the efficiency of your warehouse in Melbourne:

Insulated Doors

These are the least prioritized additions when it comes to upgrading the warehouse for head reduction. If your warehouse is facing obstacles in maintaining the consistent temperature, install doors with insulation . These contain a layer of form, mineral wool or fiberglass material with low thermal conductivity. They can resist the transfer of heat and help reduce energy loss. Insulated doors also reduce the intensity of heat entering the space and maintain the efficiency of your cooling system.

Upgrade Lighting System

You should know the adequate requirement of lighting in a warehouse. There is no denying that automated storage units need less lighting than a staffed facility. Even the warehouse robotics and Automated Guides Vehicles can operate in the dark (without lighting). But if you have a traditional warehouse or storage unit in Melbourne, opt for fluorescent fixtures instead of HID lighting. It is because they turn on instantly as compared to the HID lights. You can also consider high-bay LED fixtures that are designed for spacious warehouses with high ceilings. They ensure proper light distribution without wasting your energy and money. Motion sensors can also be a great way to reduce heat. It automatically turns on the light based on the necessity.

Install Cool Roof Technology

There is no denying that roof is one of the biggest sources of energy for warehouses and storage units. Warehouse roofs are spacious and apt for cool roof technology. You can install the cool roof technology which uses the technique to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat. This will reduce the temperature of your warehouse. Cool Roof Technology is ideal for refrigeration storage which requires year-round cooling. The best part is that it can reduce your energy usage in the summer- saving you a lot of money.

Reduce Excess Stock

Apart from installing new-age tools and technologies, do not overlook basic yet most crucial aspects, i.e excessive stock. It becomes quite difficult to reduce heat with a lot of excess stock in the warehouse. Make sure you minimise the unnecessary stock and improve airflow through your unit. Installing a stock management system is also a good way to keep a track on available stock and get rid of unwanted ones.

Wrapping up

These are some of the key practices that will help warehouses and storage units in Melbourne to reduce heat and save energy during summer. This will keep the quality of stock intact as well.

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